Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Automate Your Diet and Fitness Routine

Part of a successful weight loss plan involves several moving parts.  This article I wrote a while back has ideas that work in perfectly with the 17 Day Diet! Automating works!

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Turn on Your Internal Auto Pilot to Stay Fit!

Staying fit isn't easy, but if you automate your diet and exercise routine, you'll find it easier to hit and maintain that healthy number on the scale. Here's how to do it.

Automate Your Food Shopping

Shop no more than once a week and use a shopping list. Head directly for those items, rather than strolling up and down every aisle where tempting food lurks. Many stores offer home delivery and their websites allow you to save your shopping list for future use. Consider this option, since it will keep you out of the store and less likely to purchase a treat that might sabotage your diet.

Automate Your Meal Planning

When trying to lose weight or maintain your weight, it isn't necessary to cook like a chef and plan a wide variety of meals. Keeping a balanced diet in mind, plan a simple, weekly menu that includes healthy foods that you enjoy. Then repeat!

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