Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Review of Two 17 Day Diet Recipes

Chicken Vegetable Soup and Kefir Smoothie

Dr. Mike Moreno supplies recipes in his 17 Day Diet book, and so far the ones I've tried have been quite good. Here is a review of two of my favorite recipes in the book and tips to make them even better!

First, Buy the 17 Day Diet Book!

If you are serious about losing weight and following the 17 Day Diet, you need a copy of the book for yourself. Why? 1) The 17 Day Diet has a lot of moving parts and isn't a plan that your friend can outline easily on an email, 2) You'll find yourself referencing the book often, and 3) The book contains some good recipes toward the back that you'll want to use during your weight loss journey.

Don't be cheap! You can obtain the book at a reasonable price of $21.50 (or $29.00 if you buy the exercise DVD too) from the 17 Day Diet website. Don't buy it from Amazon since the books there are listed closer to $50.00!

My Two Favorite 17 Day Diet Recipes:

Chicken Vegetable Soup:

What I like - The Chicken Vegetable Soup recipe in the 17 Day Diet book has become my staple. You can eat this hearty, filling, thick soup during all four cycles and eat pretty much all you want. It's easy to make, ready in less than an hour, and is filled with chucks of chicken and lots of healthy vegetables. You can eat it for lunch or dinner or even for a snack later in front of the TV, as I have done a few times!
How to make it better or easier - The recipe calls for "baked chicken breasts", but I simply....
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