Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Watching the Scale

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This is my 14th day on the second cycle (Activate) of the 17 Day Diet and I've lost 13 pounds.  Usually, when trying to lose weight, I only weigh myself once a week or at most, every couple days. On this diet, however, I have been stepping on that scale daily. The weight isn't coming off on the activate cycle as fast as it did on the accelerate cycle, but am seeing a steady downward trend. 

During the first cycle I was losing 1/2 pound most was amazing, but it only makes sense that this pace isn't sustainable.  Interestingly, I'm finding that during this second cycle, which alternates between a day on accelerate and the next activate, I've noticed that I tend to see a drop in weight on the day after the Activate day, which seems backwards to me.  I'm wondering if anyone else has noticed that?  And I've even gone up a pound or so some days, but the very next day, I would have lost that pound plus another one!

I'm sharing this so you won't be discouraged if you don't see the number on that scale that you were hoping for.  I'm finding that if I just stick with it, week by week I am keeping off the weight I've lost during the week prior and an additional few pounds.  The trick here is to be realistic and happy that your weight is less week after week.

This diet has been truly wonderful for me!  After losing 40 pounds on Medi-weightloss, (eating less than 1000 calories a day and taking diet pills), then gaining back 20 after I stopped, I was feeling despair.  But this diet has gotten me back on track eating delicious healthy foods without those diet pills! I hope you are experiencing good results too! Happy guilt-free eating!


  1. i have fallen off the first cycle several times i keep sabotaging. i love your blog it gives me motivation to stick to it. do you have any tips? I do so well for 2 weeks but after not seeing results i just eat whatever

  2. Be sure to read these 2 posts from the archives:
    Tips and Advice for the 17 Day Diet
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    I love the chicken vegetable soup and have smoothies every single day...(feels like I am cheating and having a milkshake!)

    Also are you doing your 17 minutes of exercise? I didn't buy the workout video but I walk every day. Be sure to read my review of Leslie Sansone's walking the Another Pound Lost post.

    Don't give up...just stick it out. If you need to snack at night, dip celery, cucumbers and peppers (red, green, orange, yellow) in fat-free sour cream or plain yogurt dip. And subscribe to this blog so you won't miss my posts! Good Luck!

  3. After 14 days of the second cycle, I haven't lost ANYTHING! I'm pretty upset. I lost a good 10 lbs on cycle 1, but nothing on cycle two. My weight fluctuates by about a half pound up or down every day. It's pissing me off!