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Where to Find Recipes for the 17-Day Diet

Online Resources for Dr. Moreno's Weightloss Diet

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As the popularity of the 17 Day Diet picks up speed, more recipes and resources are popping up online. This is a good thing since nothing can derail a diet more than eating boredom. Here are a few helpful sites I uncovered.

Dr. Mike Moreno's Recipes
The 17 Day Diet book does contain recipes that adhere to the program's guidelines, which helps to get you started. I've already outlined some of my favorite recipes from the book in my "Tips and Advice for the 17 Day Diet" and "Review of Two 17 Day Diet Recipes" articles. So far, I've been pleased with the book's recipes. But eventually, you'll want to explore new options.

New Recipes for the 17 Day Diet
Once I hit week 4 on the diet, I began to tire of the chicken vegetable soup, even though I really like it! That was when I stumbled upon a few helpful online sites that stirred up my taste buds and renewed my commitment to sticking with the 17 Day Diet plan.

Gina's Skinny Recipes
Gina's Skinny Recipe blog, recognized by's as one of the top ten food blogs, is in the running for top spot in 2011, and I can certainly understand why! The day I discovered the website I spent a few hours looking through all the recipes and printing out some to try. The sidebar on the blog showcases a few mouth watering examples that would work once you get past the first cycle. I've tried two:

1. Gina's Crock Pot Santa Fe Chicken fits nicely into the Activate guidelines and is very tasty! I found it a bit too spicy for my gringo tongue, so I will reduce the amount of cayenne pepper next time; also, mine came out a bit soupy, so I will reduce the amount of broth also.

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  1. I have tried almost all of the recipes in the 17 DAY DIET book and I have
    loved every one! This diet is working for me and I need more recipes
    as yummy as these! Today is my day 17 of Cycle 1 and I'm down 13
    pounds. I AM SO EXCITED!