Sunday, July 10, 2011

Reading About Dieting

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In addition to reading the 17 Day Diet book front to back in an effort to understanding it's diet principles, I read almost every book and article I can about dieting, weightloss and fitness principles.  Sure, I can't read them all, but I read as much as often as I can.

It really doesn't take that much time to weed out the informative stuff from the ones that regurgitate the same old BS. If you don't do this already, I suggest that you start today.  Nothing will remind your body how to behave better than filling your mind with the right information!

I found an article today on, "The Truth About Calories" that I hope you'll read.

Much of the article serves as a reminder to veteran dieters the importance of being conscious of our food choices and the importance of lifestyle changes like incorporating exercise.  What I really liked about the article most is that it stresses how it doesn't make much difference what diet we choose, reducing calories and revving up exercise is still the key. 

It is easy to become lost in the myriad of diets out there and wonder which diet is best and how to tackle losing weight. Even though many think that the 17 Day Diet is just a fad diet, I have always defended it, because I believe that any diet that I can stick with that works, is a good diet. In addition to that, I feel that any diet that gives me energy and incorporates healthy foods can't be considered a "fad".

While I have fallen off the wagon and climbed back on, I find that the 17 Day Diet's principles are now my fall-back position when I get serious about dieting or notice a few pounds creeping back. I still have some weight to lose and I admit I have given into temptation on occasion, but I am steadily improving my habits and reducing the number on the scale month over month.

Now, instead of my old, count-every-calorie diet that I used in my twenties and thirties, or the Atkins low carb diet that helped me slim down in my forties, the 17 day diet is now my diet standard. I wish I could lose weight and never have to "diet" again, but I guess that's not my lot in life.

I hope you enjoy the article.... and also feel good about following a diet that isn't really is a "fad" but is right in step with the times.