Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Accelerate Cycle Here I Come Again!

This is a blog and not an advertisement for the 17 Day Diet or an avenue for revenue for Dr. Moreno, so I'm always going to be honest here.  Having said that, I have found that the 17-Day diet plan, just like losing weight in general, is not a straight line to success.  I have stuck with it for two months straight and then fallen off entirely. Lose. Gain.  That's always been my story. 

However, I find that when I come back to this plan, it always works.  I actually like the first phase, accelerate, the best. Yes, that hard core, low carb phase! 

For some reason, I feel the most confident during this phase and give into temptation less than when I start adding in rice and other starchy carbs.  I'm back on it now and feel energetic and positive, and I am exercising more now too.  I think it's because I am purging out toxins from my system and the fact that I can see a difference around my midriff right away that sets off this diet high for me.

I am hoping to make it to the final stage this time, hoping that the maintenance plan might work for me in the long haul. If not, whenever I gain five pounds I am going back to the accelerate cycle again. My goal is to have that number on the scale go down year after year, even if I take a diet detour occasionally. I  refuse to feel guilty...just determined!

My family on our recent cruise.
I'm the Grandma in the middle :)

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