Thursday, August 18, 2011

Drink Your Green Tea!

Back on the 17 Day Diet wagon again, I am focusing on several things during this accelerate phase, one being drinking all those cups of green tea.  I have included it during the diet before, but I confess that I may have missed a few cups here and there.  Plus, after going off the diet, I only brewed a cup on a rare occasion.

After some recent research, I understand why Dr. Moreno includes green tea on the 17 Day Diet in our daily diet ritual and why I might want to drink it with every meal for the rest of my life!

Why, you ask? Well, apparently, drinking green tea with meals helps to slow down the spike in blood sugar our bodies experience after we eat, and may inhibit storage of glucose in our fat cells.  Isn't that enough to make you want to join the Green Tea society as well?

Read more about green tea on the 17 Day Diet here.
Pinkies up!

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