Thursday, August 18, 2011

Exercise with Swagger!

I sit at the computer for a large part of my day, which is not good for losing weight. I guess, instead of a couch potato, you could call me a computer yam. So, in addition to the recommended 17 minutes of exercise in Dr. Moreno's book,  I am adding at least two more bursts of exercise during the day..  This gets my blood moving and revs up my metabolism an extra twenty minutes a day!

I found a little secret that makes my exercise sessions a little more fun and effective: Whatever exercise I choose to burn those calories, I do it with swagger!

By this I mean I add a little attitude and move as many of my body parts at the same time as I can.  Instead of just walking to lose weight, I prance, twist my torso, shake my booty, and swing my arms. When I march I pump my arms and shoulders and lift my knees high. If I dance in front of the TV, I pretend I am on Dancing with the Stars and exaggerate movement of my entire body in my most erotic cha cha.  By making my feet, arms, torso and shoulders move together with all the swagger that I can muster, I am burning bonus calories!

Try it.  Work on getting skinnier with bursts of exercise that reflect your inner swagger! Cha Cha like Chelo!

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