Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Coverage of the 17 Day Diet on WebMD

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I've mentioned previously that I like to read as much as I can about diets and losing weight, and I pay special attention now when the 17 Day Diet is the topic.

WebMD Expert,  reviewed the diet in her article: "17 Day Diet: Diet Review."  In her article, she recaps the phases of the diet and explains the basic concepts. While she agrees with some of the diet's concepts, she also disagrees on others.

She says, "Experts give thumbs-up for the food choices, overall message of clean eating, avoiding unhealthy carbs, enjoying foods that you love, and regular exercise. But thumbs-down on the weight loss theory and restriction of healthy foods like fruits and low-fat dairy."

Her opinion is that the calorie cutting may not be terribly different than what you might do on your own, and quotes the opinions of American Dietetic Association spokeswoman Keri Gans, by saying, "Gans cautions that the weight loss is not because of metabolism confusion but primarily due to cutting calories, and that the initial water weight loss may be short-lived and not sustainable once you bring carbs back into your diet."

Dr. Zelman provides a few tweaks that make some sense to me, like tossing out the time restriction regarding fruit (I have a problem getting mine in before the cut-off, and can an apple at 9:00 in the evening really be a bad thing?). I guess the proof is in the pudding, or in the case of the 17 Day Diet, in the Kefir shake?  I think it's important to consider all opinions, and then do what works for you in getting healthy.  Posting a picture like the one above on the fridge doesn't hurt either!

You can read Dr. Zelman's article on WebMD here.

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