Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Five Yummy Diet Food Tricks

Think Outside the Recipe Box to Lose Weight

When you need to drop a few pounds, the first vision that comes into your head is probably boring salads and celery sticks. With just a little research and creativity, however, losing five pounds or even twenty-five pounds won't seem so boring. Here are five tips to try.

1. Use Lettuce Leaves in place of bread or tortillas. Use the outer leaves of a head of lettuce for more than salad! The larger leaves of iceberg, romaine or butter lettuce work great in creating tasty lunch wraps and "boats". Wash, rinse and pat dry and use them in place of a taco shell, tortilla or bread. Fill with:

-Chicken fajita mixture

-Ground turkey taco meat, salsa and low-fat cheese

- Sliced turkey, chopped cucumber, low-fat cheese and season with a salad spritzer.

2. Use cucumbers like crackers or chips. If your diet program is low to moderately low in carbs, such as Atkins, or the 17-day diet, you will miss the crunch of chips and crackers. Peel and slice a cucumber in a small bowl, cover with water and chill. Make your favorite chicken or tuna salad and use the cucumbers like crackers. Mix Ranch dressing into fat-free dressing and use cucumbers like a chip. The more you use them, the more snacky ideas you'll come up with. For a quick tuna salad recipe, click here

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  1. Will definitely try out some of these recipes

  2. Another issue is basal metabolic rate. Some people have very low basal metabolic rates. If you start cutting foods down to a level low enough that they can loose weight you're likely to drop particular nutrients too low. Cut enough carbs from the diet and the body goes in to ketosis. Bad thing. On the other hand if the person exercises enough to change the basal metabolic rate they not only get the benefit from the burned calories during the exercise but also from burning more calories through out the rest of the day.