Sunday, September 25, 2011

How to Burn 200 Extra Calories a Day

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I think by now that most of us who have ever been on a diet know that in order to lose a pound we must have a deficit of 1500 calories, whether it be from eating less or exercising more. If you are following the 17 Day Diet, your food intake should be reduced sufficiently to drop a pound a week, and if you want to make that number on the scale drop faster, exercising those 17 minutes a day will definitely help.

But what about the other part of your life?  Should your quest for fitness be limited to food intake and 17 minutes of exercise?  I'm thinking NOT! Here is an article from that gives you twenty additional ways to burn off 200 calories, which could shave off almost an additional pound each week if you pick one activity each day.

Come on! Life is about the whole day, right?  Check out these activities and work a few into your week.  Losing weight isn't rocket science.  It's about eating less and moving more!

Read the article here:  "20 Ways to Burn 200 calories"

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