Tuesday, November 15, 2011

I'm a Kefir Factory Now!

Well, I finally bought some Kefir grains and am trying my hand at making my own Kefir.  I bought the Kefir grains from Lifetime Kefir through Amazon Marketplace for around $15.00 which includes the shipping costs. I am on the third batch, with the first two batches of Kefir down the drain, per the instructions. Everything I've read indicates that with proper handling the Kefir grains can last forever, so I hope I've bought my last bottle of Kefir from the store!
Here's my little Kefir factory!
With these Kefir grains, the first batches are small. The instructions say to put the grains first in 1/2 cup milk, allow to sit on counter for 24 hours, drain, place in another 1/2 cup milk, another 24 hour wait, drain, and the third time use 1 cup milk which I've done today.  After 24 hours, the first two batches became very curd-like so I rinsed the grains with bottled water before placing into the next batch.  According to the instructions, this third batch should be able to be consumed.

The Kefir grains are growing larger each batch, so I hope, in time, I should have enough to make a quart. At very least, soon I hope to have enough to make a 17 Day Diet Kefir Smoothie!

I'll keep you posted!

11/18/2011 Update:

Finally today, I have Kefir that I can drink! It wasn't much...approximately 1/2 cup but I made a smoothie out of it plus some store-bought Kefir I had in the fridge, and it tasted good.

A little note...the third batch ended up being more curds and murky liquid and I was about to give up on this whole idea.  However, I realized that I hadn't rinsed off the Kefir grains enough and had transferred quite a bit of curd along with it.  To be honest, I wasn't clear on how to tell the Kefir grains from the curd until last night.  So, to clarify, the kefir grains become larger and are off-white, spongey lumps. I used up half a bottle of spring water rinsing them off before I made last night's batch.  Tonight, I had only the tiniest bit of curd and the liquid I strained off was good, creamy Kefir!

If you have questions, let me know.  I now have renewed faith about this working! :)

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