Monday, January 9, 2012

Jane Fonda's "Firm and Burn" Exercise DVD

As I mentioned earlier, I kept hearing about Jane Fonda's new workout DVD, Firm and Burn. After watching her on some talk show (maybe Dr. Phil?) I decided I would order it in time to start a new exercise routine for 2012.

And I am so glad I did!

I'll admit this workout may not be for everyone...if you are a workout maniac or a youngster, it might be a little too easy and the music may be boring for you.  But for me and others my age, or for those who are not in tip top shape, I found this a perfect workout.  It's a forty-minute routine that includes a warm up and cool down. You do low-impact aerobics to four songs that get progressively more intense but never so hard that you can't hang in there. Jane is leading a small group through the routine..(Isn't it hard to believe she just turned 75?)

I highly recommend this DVD if you are looking for a routine that you won't dread, yet is effective . (My 8 year old granddaughter and I worked out to it one evening. She was tired afterward but wanted to do it again the next day!)  I always work up a sweat and really appreciate the fact that the routine is easy to follow.  I was doing it on a regular basis until I caught a cold last week and had to take a break.  I am looking forward to doing it as soon as I am healthy again!(I listed the DVD on my Amazon favorites below if you want to buy it too!)

Check out the YouTube preview of this DVD below and then get moving!

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