Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Recipe Checklist for the 17 Day Diet

The hardest part of any diet is learning what foods are "legal" on the diet and applying that knowledge to recipes.  Dr. Moreno has provided recipes in his 17 Day Diet book, but let's face it, the same recipes can get old.

The biggest challenge is finding recipes that will work for the first phase of the 17 Day Diet (Accelerate).  The first phase restricts starchy carbohydrates so start by looking for websites that offer low-carb recipes that will be fairly close to the 17 Day Diet guidelines.

Accelerate Phase Checklist

Here's an easy checklist to reference when evaluating any recipe.

Allowed ingredients:
  • Lean proteins (no beef)
  • Cleansing Vegetables (Almost all green and leafy are okay. No rice, potatoes, legumes, corn, oatmeal)
  • Low-sugar fruit (2 servings a day)
  • Plain yogurt, Low-fat Cottage Cheese
  • Friendly fats (Olive Oil, Flaxseed oil and limit to no more than 2 tablespoons for one serving.)
  • Condiments (salsa, low-sugar marinara, fat-free sour cream, broth, artificial sweetener, fat free cheeses and salad dressings and most seasonings).
If there is a particular vegetable or ingredient you're not certain about, check the lists provided in Chapter 3, starting on page 41 of the book.

Websites to search:

I love, love, love (Gina's Skinny Recipes).  Start in the Low-carb section and work your way out to other recipes.

For instance, in this section, Asian Grilled Chicken looks perfect except for the Teriyaki sauce. Try making your own teriyaki sauce that is low-sugar or sugar free.  Kalyn's Kitchen has a Low-Sugar (or sugar-free) Teriyaki Chicken recipe you could try.

Another recipe that caught my eye was the Grilled Chicken with Spinach and Mozarella Cheese. This recipe is legal by just switching out the mozzarella cheese with low-fat Parmesan cheese.

Other sites to check are Food Network,, Low Carb Recipes, etc.  A web search will turn up lots of other low-carb options.

Create a 17 Day Diet Recipe Notebook

Once you've found a recipe that fills the bill, print it off, mark any adjustments needed and  label the recipe "Accelerate" or whatever phase the recipe fits into. Slip it into a clear plastic sleeve and add it to a recipe notebook.  In no time at all you'll have a full 17 Day Diet cookbook! Slip a copy of this post in the front of your notebook so you'll have the checklist handy.

Happy recipe hunting!


  1. It`s good tips for 17 day diet i like it and I try to do that but motivation is problem....:)

  2. Good luck with the recipes. I'm down 54 pounds and loving it. One of my favorite recipes is Chicken Lettuce Wraps

  3. today is my first day. not liking the green tea :(