Tuesday, May 22, 2012

TopChips by Mastrad - Make Veggie Chips without Oil!

I saw an advertisement on TV this week for "TopChips", a product made by Mastrad that I think would work great for those of us watching their fat and calories in their diet. It jogged my memory of watching an episode of Dr. Oz that showed it in action too. 

TopChips includes a slicer on which you slice vegetables, and a cooking tray that cooks them into "chips" in 3 to 6 minutes....all without oil!

I'm considering buying this product and thought I'd share this idea. If you have one, please give us the scoop on your experience with it.  I hope it works!

Here's the link to this product:
TopChips by Mastrad


  1. There are a number of reviews on Amazon.com. It got four starts - and people have written some great tips...

  2. AuntieAnnie...thanks for your input. I ordered it yesterday, so that's good news!

  3. How do you like it? I purchased the Pampered Chef one and can't get it to work at all. I think it could be the wattage of my microwave.

  4. How do I like it? Hmmmm.. well, it works best for potatoes and sweet potatoes...carrots are okay and apples ok but they don't always get crisp. It is a lot of trouble for how much it makes. However, sometimes it's just right for me as a snack.

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