Other Diet Plans

From time to time, I'll be sharing information about other diet plans as a comparison to the 17 Day Diet.  Let's face it there are lots of options and diet theories out there.  While I do think the 17 Day Diet works, I also think that there are other diets that work too.  Maybe one approach may work for you best at a point in your life and another at a different time.  The most important part is to weigh your options and do something that works for YOU!

Here are links to the information I've added about other diets on this blog so far.

How Does the Medi-Weightloss Program Work?

Chris Powell's Carb Cycling Plan

Watching My Weight with Weight Watchers 

What is a Gluten-free Diet?

Gourmet Cabbage Soup Diet 

Gastric Banding Surgery: Better Than a 500 Calorie Diet!

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